For the second year in a row, the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) International Convention and Trade Show has attracted more than 30,000 visitors. There were 30,147 investors, analysts, mining executives, geologists, government officials, students and international delegations at the 2013 event at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

PDAC says this level of attendance confirms the convention’s place as the premier event for the global mineral industry. “We are so proud of the tremendous success of the PDAC 2013 Convention,” says PDAC executive director Ross Gallinger.

“The level of excitement and interest in the mineral exploration and development industry continues to be strong, and the PDAC Convention has once again provided an outstanding program that attracts government, industry, financial institutions and Aboriginal communities to attend.”

Now in its 81st year, the PDAC 2013 Convention was more diverse than ever. A number of events including the CSR Event Series, Aboriginal Program and Investors Exchange garnered overwhelming support from the general public, highlighting the role natural resource development plays in the economic sustainability for Aboriginal communities across Canada and other countries.

“Despite challenging global financial conditions affecting our industry, once again the PDAC Convention is the biggest in the world. We are already looking forward to continuing our advocacy work on behalf of Canada’s mineral exploration and development industry in planning for PDAC 2014.”

With a new and reinvigorated brand, the PDAC looks forward to continuing its legacy of supporting and advocating on behalf of the mineral exploration and development industry. PDAC will host the 82nd PDAC Convention next year from March 2-5.

PDAC is a national association representing the mineral exploration and development industry with more than 10,000 individual and corporate members.