Galaxy Resources has achieved a solid month of production at its Jiangsu lithium carbonate plant in China since the operation re-started in February. For the month of March the plant produced 425 tonnes of lithium carbonate.  1

This represents 31% of monthly capacity but the plant is ramping up to full production rates with a record output of 33 tonnes on a single day pointing to an increase to 70% of capacity. Galaxy says this demonstrates the potential for continued production hikes in coming months.

Galaxy also recorded its first sales to Japan in late March, which is a significant milestone as the Japanese market sets the highest standards for product quality and it only comes after an extensive testing and qualification period.

Galaxy managing director Iggy Tan says, “We are pleased to have Jiangsu producing at a stable rate again and we will continue to increase production and sales as part of the ramp-up program. Subject to sales and ramp-up progress, the company now expects Jiangsu top become cash flow positive during the third quarter this year.”

The plant has been producing technical grade (99.0% purity), battery grade (99.5% purity) and EV Grade (99.9%) lithium carbonate, with all battery grade lithium carbonate produced meeting the necessary quality specifications. In the coming months, the company will focus on increasing back-end output at the plant.

Galaxy recommenced operations at Jiangsu in February after receiving clearance for repair works to pipes which burst in the plant’s sodium sulphate crystallization area in November last year.

Jiangsu is the first fully-automated lithium carbonate plant in China and one of the most highly sophisticated plants of its kind in the world. Prior to the shutdown, Galaxy had achieved continuous lithium carbonate production and plant stability after achieving first production at Jiangsu in July 2012.

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