With Mongolia continuing to play a key role in global coal dynamics due to the wealth of opportunity in its coal reserves attracting world interest, industry representatives are being urged to attend the third annual Coaltrans Mongolia to assess how to collaborate on driving future growth.

Organizers say the conference on June 25 and 26 at Ulaanbaatar’s Blue Sky Hotel will offer attendees the opportunity to take stock of how Mongolian coal production trends are developing and how the country’s extensive coal basins are being explored and developed.

Industry analysts say recent regulatory debate has cast questions over how Mongolia will continue to drive growth in the coal sector, yet in spite of current uncertainty it remains clear that the nation stands to play a key role in global coal dynamics.

One of the guest speakers set to discuss the future role for Mongolia is the Minister of Environment and Green Development Otun Sanjaasuren. She is expected to offer foreign investors the opportunity to assess the impact of the May election on the political and regulatory environment and what it means for investment opportunities.

Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi’s chief executive officer Batsuuri Yaichil is one of the leading figures in Mongolia’s coal supply chain who will also be available to attendees. Other guest speakers include Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia president Randolph Koppa, Business Council of Mongolia chairman Bayanjargal Byambasaikhan and Mongolian Mining Corporation chief marketing officer Dashtseren Enkhtuvshin.

Organizers say the conference will also provide an array of networking opportunities enabling attendees to create and build on existing business links with key players across the domestic and international markets.

“Join us in the wake of the elections to assess new options for accessing capital and investing in Mongolia. The logistics of transporting Mongolia’s coal across the country and out into the export market remain crucial to the future of this emerging sector. Assess how links with Chinese and Russian infrastructure systems are advancing, and as production progresses in northern Mongolia, understand how plans are being developed to transport this coal into the market place,” says Euromoney’s Ellie Saklatava.


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