RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has released its latest version of XERAS, bringing a new look user interface to the industry’s trusted financial modelling tool. The new user interface makes the software even easier to learn and use.

RPM’s product manager - financial solutions Darren Rostron says, “By grouping features by functionality, XERAS’ new look interface means learning and using the software is easier than ever before. It builds on the recent improvements to XERAS’ popular Navigator feature, which guides users through the creation of financial models using pre-defined workflows and shortcuts.

“The latest release also adds functionality enabling XERAS to be ready for enterprize installations, which allows multiple XERAS models to synchronize business rules, logic and assumptions consistently across a miner’s many sites.”

Darren Rostron also speaks about other features: “XERAS continues to set the bar for corporate governance with its robust audit features. A recent study from a US university claimed that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors in formula cells. For mining operations facing an increased focus on cost control, an over or understated figure due to an error in a spreadsheet formula could have wide-ranging consequences.

“With XERAS, we can assure clients that they have best-practice principles and RPM’s mining intelligence built-in ensuring that errors are found, isolated and easily corrected. The robust audit features underpin all XERAS functions and its in-built logic ensures rigorous financial discipline. This in turn delivers reports to management which can be relied upon,” he says.

“XERAS is trusted globally as the only choice for management who demand cost control and robust forecasts.”

RungePincockMinarco is the world’s largest publicly-listed independent group of mining technical experts, with history stretching back to 1968. It operates offices in 18 locations across 12 countries on five continents.

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