Two new geological data management and exploration and mine design solution products have been released by MICROMINE, offering clients a range of new and enhanced features. The Perth-based software company says its Geobank 2013 and Micromine 2013 will increase the user-friendliness of the established software and enhance user productivity.

MICROMINE chief executive officer Kevin Fitzpatrick says, “I am extremely proud of Geobank 2013 and Micromine 2013, and I am confident that our clients will realize the benefits the solutions have to offer. Like all of our applications, these releases have been developed according to clients’ needs. MICROMINE is committed to listening to its clients and developing solutions that are fit for purpose, intuitive, easy to use, logical and flexible.”

MICROMINE channels a significant investment into not only research and development but its intensive Beta Testing Programs, which ensure the latest software versions satisfy the needs of stakeholders when released to the market.

Geobank 2013 includes a variety of new and enhanced features and benefits designed to improve data security, data accuracy and reliability, and reporting capabilities, facilitating increased data confidence. It is a flexible, reliable and secure data management solution specific to the resource industry. The application provides a solution for the entire mining process by offering a framework for data capture, manipulation, synchronisation, validation, geological information, drillhole management, quality assurance and reporting.

Geobank product manager Steve Bastick says, “MICROMINE’s Geobank development team has worked tirelessly over the past two years to develop new functionality that will further benefit our clients and the industry at large. Geobank 2013 includes a new Advanced Reporting module and major features like charting, data-binding, master-detail reports, sub-reports and a fully featured graphical end-user chart designer.”

The solution also includes a new Data Model Framework module which allows users to build their data model quickly and easily through the provision of tools that support common data processes and data requirements.

“To further assist clients to reduce data errors and the time spent converting data between formats, Geobank 2013 includes a new Excel Importer, meaning data can be directly imported from Excel documents into databases and multiple worksheets can be imported simultaneously from XLS and XLSX formats.”

Australian coal exploration and development company, Endocoal, says the software fulfils its data management, validation and reporting criteria. Endocoal resource geologist Charlie Lord says, “From our experience with Geobank, areas such as importing and exporting are easy, yet powerful. Our internal and external workflows are more sound and consistent. And most importantly, we have total confidence in the quality of our data.”

Micromine is a modular exploration and mine design solution which allows for the capture, management, and interpretation of critical mining and exploration data.

Micromine product manager Daria Lvova says, “Consistent with all Micromine releases, the new features in Micromine 2013 focus on intuitive usability with enhanced workflow methodologies and logical processes. Productivity gains continue to be an area of focus through faster processing speeds, flexible import and export functions and computability with third-party applications.

“The release includes two new modules; Stratigraphic Modelling and Implicit Modelling, along with many enhancements and further improvements to all other modules”.

JAB Resources’ chief executive officer Reso Kamberaj says, “I am a long-time user of Micromine for gold, platinum, chromite, copper and coal ore deposits.  It is a very useful mining software application with an easy interface. It is also reliable and quick, especially in exploration where database changes/increases occur often. The new modelling modules in Micromine 2013 are welcome additions. They are very efficient and enable ore modelling to be conducted quickly and accurately.”

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