Preparation is well under way for the third annual mining and exploration forum aimed at unlocking the immense mineral potential of Kazakhstan and the central Asia region.

MINEX Central Asia 2012 will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Astana, central north Kazakhstan, from April 17-19 and is set to be the largest international forum on prospecting, exploration and mining in the local area. Organizers are focusing the expo on creating new international partnerships and attracting investments in the development of mineral exploration and sustainable mining in the region.

The organizing committee is made up of 30 leading industry experts and chaired by Jan Lewis, the president of IOM3. The committee is formulating the three-day agenda in close cooperation with leading mining companies, government agencies and foreign investors.

Jan Lewis says the forum will address the proposed changes in the reorganization and further development of mining and geological industries in Kazakhstan. “The forum will also offer a platform for other Central Asian states to showcase mining investment projects and innovative technologies for more efficient mineral exploration, extraction and processing. The forum incorporates a two day conference, on-site exhibition and pre-forum master classes organized for mining professionals.”

Almost 500 delegates from 200 local and international companies have registered to attend the forum that’s boasting more than 60 speakers as well as 25 company exhibitors.

“Local and international mining and mineral exploration companies interested in sharing their success stories with investors, as well as governmental agencies and authorities wishing to promote new business ventures and investors seeking to expand their presence in Kazakhstan and Central Asia will be given every chance to network at next month’s forum,” says Jan Lewis.

The forum’s program offers an excellent platform for international companies and individuals seeking business, partnership and investment opportunities in Kazakhstan and Central Asia to meet potential partners. The decision to host the expo in the capital city Astana will also greatly increase the opportunity for establishing direct dialogue with senior government officials.

Kazakhstan’s industry and new technologies minister A Issekeshev says the forum will stimulate professional dialogue on exploring and developing the region’s mineral potential. “Currently, Kazakhstan is going through important changes – creating more attractive conditions for growth of mineral exploration and efficient regeneration of mineral resources; high-tech solutions and automated management technologies in the mining and mineral exploration sector are being implemented; data on mining and mineral exploration results is being systematized and upgraded and extensive works are being carried out to develop sufficient infrastructure and create favourable conditions for training the workforce and meeting current industry requirements.”