Sparton Resources’ subsidiary VanSpar Mining has completed an advanced metallurgical test program from samples at its carbonaceous shale hosted vanadium prospects in China’s Jiangxi province. 1

The 100 samples were taken from the company’s prospects in Xiushui County and were put through comprehensive agitated acid leaching tests with recoveries of approximately 78% resulting across the various tests, as well as products containing 98.5% to 99.3% vanadium pentoxide which is at or above industry standard.

More importantly, the cleanliness of the leaching process developed by VanSpar has also been confirmed, with no air or water pollution generated by the process. The company says due to recycling of leaching solutions there is little or no liquid waste and all solid waste produced meets acceptable standards as feedstock for cement manufacturing in the Xiushui region.

This clean technology contrasts with classic processing methods used for most shale hosted vanadium deposits in China which use a salt roast process that produces significant chlorine and sulphur dioxide gas emissions and solid waste that creates storage and pollution mitigation problems.

VanSpar has received Chinese patent approval for one flow sheet for its new technology and acceptance of patent applications for three other flow sheets using similar leaching systems with modifications made to suit differing mineralogy in the host vanadium formations.

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