The global mining sector’s newest company to address environmental challenges facing the industry by offering the latest technologies will be headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. GE Transportation’s new business unit, GE Mining, has been launched to bring together the best technologies, resources and people from across the company’s several divisions into one comprehensive supplier.

GE Mining was launched at MINExpo in Las Vegas last month. Its portfolio of products and services will offer mining companies a range of methods to maximize resources, drive efficiencies and improve productivity via advanced software monitoring.

Geoff Knox is the company’s chief executive officer: “The continuing urbanization and growth in energy demand in the emerging economies bodes well for the long-term future of the global mining industry. With mine operators rebalancing their investments to get more out of their existing assets, GE’s global mining business is well positioned to add value. We can help them maximize output through more efficient movement of their products, generate and distribute power more efficiently, and address their water management challenges.”

The company recently acquired Fairchild International, which manufactures underground mining equipment, and is finalizing the acquisition of Australian-based Industrea Limited, a provider of safety and productivity-enhancing mining equipment and services.

Geoff Know says these additions will assist GE reach a global customer base with enhanced products based on its clean propulsion systems, energy storage offering and world-class system integration capabilities.

GE Ecomagination vice president Mark Vachon says as the global mining industry expands to deeper, more remote and extreme locations, its challenges grow more complex. “In this current global context the need for mineral resources across a diversified set of industries will continue to grow, and the mining industry will be critical to meeting that demand. GE can help our customers accelerate growth and productivity by delivering resource efficiency and great economics.”

GE’s power generation solutions include steam, wind, biogas and liquefied natural gas while its Arc Vault protection system can reduce downtime by stopping an electrical arcing fault in a fraction of the time a traditional system requires. The company’s AquaSel system offers desalination technology with extremely high water recovery rates and its Proficy MaxxMine remote monitoring software enables mine operators to make accurate decisions to balance process performance with equipment health.

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