By Praveen Nagpal

Shell has developed the Shell Mysella range of gas engine oils with three key concepts in mind: better oil life, extra protection and system efficiency. This latest product range has been prompted by the increase of gas engines seen throughout Australia and Asia, meaning new types of lubrication must be considered by manufacturers and customers alike.

When choosing a lubricant, operators are looking for increased efficiency and operational hours. Gas engines are becoming a popular choice especially for captive power generators as they provide greater flexibility for the user to manage the critical load and subcritical loads of their plants. In addition, gas can often be a cleaner fuel compared to heavy fuels such as marine diesel.

However, the growth of gas engines has been restricted to those few countries with good gas infrastructure and gas availability. In Australia, Pakistan and Bangladesh installations have come up very quickly in the last decade. This is in contrast to the two major global power consumers, China and India, where growth has been less significant.

Whilst still relatively undeveloped, new sources of gas, such as coal seam gas, landfill and bio gas as well as imported LNG, may play a significant role in the future in power generation.

For many years Shell has worked in close co-operation with leading engine manufacturers as well as end users to understand their needs and the problems they face. In identifying options for the end user, Shell’s technical advisors will select a product based on the Original Equipment Manufacturer recommendation as well as company knowledge about specific plant operating conditions.

Shell has achieved a strong presence of the Shell Mysella range in all key gas engine markets including Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. For example, the majority of medium speed gas engine installations run by Wartsila and Rolls Royce use Shell gas engine oils.

Shell is the biggest supplier of gas engine oils to one of the leading CNG suppliers in India, which has more than 120 Caterpillar and Waukesha gas engines to drive their compressors at CNG outlets. After switching over to Mysella, the CNG suppliers saved more than $84,000 thanks to increased oil life and reduced filter consumption.

Masco Energy in Pakistan and AeiCorp in India - two of the largest distributors of Waukesha engines - also have had great experiences with Shell’s Mysella Range. Masco Energy says Shell Mysella XL 40 has consistently delivered excellent performance over the past four years in all of its Waukesha engines.

“We have tested this oil rigorously in harsh environments and at the highest cylinder pressures, as well as the highest exhaust temperate engines. As a result we highly recommend using Shell Mysella XL in all Waukesha engines,” said a company spokesman.

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