Mining software solution provider Gemcom Software International has released the latest version of its award-winning Gemcom InSite mine production management solution. The company says InSite enables mining companies to increase efficiencies, lower costs and continuously improve the performance of all processes, activities, and equipment from the mine to final product.

InSite 3.3 adds new implementation time savings and standard out-of-the-box reporting capabilities to ensure a fast return on investment.

Gemcom's enterprise business unit's executive vice president Allen Vaughn says, “Operations all over the world are choosing InSite as their solution for unlocking the full decision-making power of the data they generate as they seek to drive more sustainable mining in today's economic environment.

“InSite delivers the data integration, activity monitoring tools and reporting capabilities required to achieve sustainability through increased production efficiency, lower equipment and fuel costs, and overall waste reduction.

“Thanks to our partnership approach to understanding the needs of customers, along with InSite 3.3's faster than ever before implementation framework, benefits can be derived from the system from the moment it goes live, without the need for additional personnel.”

InSite 3.3 benefits include:

  • Standard, out-of-the-box reporting for both mine and plant operations which enables customers to be up and running with critical reports from day one of an implementation.
  • Intuitive mapping to mine planning and scheduling packages reduces the time and effort required to accomplish seamless system integration.
  • Enhanced data entry of production, service, and support activities helps increase the efficiency of resources.
  • The Material Balance module reduces the amount of time spent on month-end processes through the incorporation of a pre-validation run check and a simple input/output balance.

Gemcom InSite's product manager Charlie Forrest says, “While many operations have elements of mine production management in place, the volume of information generated from the mine to final product represents a serious challenge to utilizing data in decision making to its full potential.

“By capturing information in real time, InSite overcomes the timeliness and accessibility limitations posed by the most common tools used to try and make sense of production data - spreadsheets, ad hoc procedures, and manual processes. In one instance, InSite is being used to monitor more than 16,000 processes at a major nickel operation, alerting personnel automatically when issues are detected and in need of attention.”

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