A study by underground mining group KOPEX for Pan Asia Corporation’s 53 million tonne JORC resource underground TCM Coal Project in Kalimantan provides the company with a roadmap to deliver the project to full production. 1

Based on the outcomes from the study, the indications are that the original target, with annual production of at least 1.5 million saleable tonnes over a 15 year period, is considered achievable.

Based on the levels of detail in the study, the target underground area at TCM presents a viable and economic opportunity.

Additional underground reserves may exist in the North area. Current resources for the TCM concession area comprise 22.418 million tonnes of indicated resources and 30.818 million tonnes of inferred resources.

The quality of coal has an average calorific value (adb) of 6534 Kcal/kg, moisture 5.65%, ash 14.24% and TS 1.16. Retreat longwall mining methods are considered most appropriate providing the best option to attain the target production levels established for the project.

Mine designs are expected to be conservative with respect to potential longwall extraction rates. Increased longwall dimensions would increase reserves, overall productivity and project economics.

The access to the seams has been assumed to be by inclined drifts from the surface. KOPEX recommends that the option of access from an open cut highwall should be pursued as part of the future studies.

Initial indications from the geotechnical assessment are that the ground conditions will be better than those encountered at the Indominco underground mine in East Kalimantan. This is an important and positive factor to the project as there were no major geotechnical issues encountered at the Indominco mine. Based on the potential benefits as described, KOPEX recommends that the TCM project be advanced to full final feasibility stage.

The company has recently commissioned the next phase of drilling and - further detailed test work required for the completion of the Full Final Feasibility Study. The drilling results will also be utilized in the feasibility study to upgrade the existing JORC resource and for detailed mine planning, as well as assessing the open pit potential. The drill program is planned to comprise 13 holes for 4270 metres.


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