Gemcom Software International has opened an office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to serve the Central Asia region which is experiencing growth in mining as it is rich in natural resources.

Gemcom’s software solutions, including Surpac, GEMS, Minex, MineSched and Whittle are already widely used by exploration and mining operations throughout Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Gemcom AustralAsia’s senior vice president Andrew Pyne says, “Gemcom has long been involved in the mining industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and has established strong ties with government entities and numerous operations including Kazakhmys, Eurasia Natural Resource Corp, ArcelorMittal and Kazatomprom.

“The new office in Almaty strengthens our local presence, allowing us to work more closely with our clients in their language of choice. It also means our clients will have access to the full range of Gemcom’s software and service solutions to drive productivity and additional economic value from their projects.”

Central Asia is experiencing growth in mining. Kazakhstan, for example, according to some estimates, holds the world’s second largest uranium, chromium, lead and zinc reserves, as well as significant manganese, copper, iron and gold reserves. It also contains Central Asia’s largest recoverable coal reserves and is an exporter of diamonds. Elsewhere in the region, Uzbekistan ranks as one of the world’s top 10 gold producers.

Kazakhmys Services’ mining section head of department Bill Mace says, “We have been using Gemcom’s software products, including Surpac, Whittle and MineSched, since 2007, so it’s very exciting to hear a new office has opened in Almaty. It will mean much easier access to support and a better user experience for people based in Kazakhstan, which is good news for my team and I. It is also very encouraging to see Gemcom employing all local staff who are very experienced in their mining profession. I’m sure the new office will bring a lot of positive change for the local mining industry in Central Asia.”

Andrew Pyne says, “As the industry expands in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia, mining companies are seeking greater assistance with their geology, engineering and mining operations projects. In addition to providing training and support, our team of highly-skilled mining professionals in Kazakhstan is already working with clients and leveraging their depth of knowledge about the local mining industry on numerous projects. Just a few examples of the ways they are helping clients include interpreting geological deposits, developing and optimizing mine designs and plans, and scheduling. With the ability to draw upon the resources of Gemcom’s global services team, clients have access to expertise that spans all commodities and the mining value chain from exploration through mine production management.”

The Kazakhstan office marks the third new office opening for Gemcom’s AustralAsia business unit in the last year, joining Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Jakarta, Indonesia. In addition to office openings, over the last five years Gemcom has invested $78 million in R&D and acquisitions, representative of the company’s commitment to ensuring clients have the right solutions for their needs.

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