With plenty of global attention focused on renewable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels, the World Renewable Energy Congress (WREC) – Indonesia in October this year will provide an ideal forum for those interested in the latest developments in this exciting and growing new industry.

The international conference and exhibition on renewable energy and energy efficiency will be held at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Bali, from October 17-19 and has as its theme ‘Boosting the use of low carbon energy for a better world’.

The objectives are:

  • To facilitate exchange of view, knowledge and experience among the participants from diverse countries in the world related to research, development, use and applications of renewable energy, and to the concept, practice and technology applied in achieving energy efficiency in the industries, commerce and households;
  • To learn from current lessons and years of valuable experience in development and applications of renewable energy and technology and practice of energy efficiency presented by participants, and to make use of it to improve future actions and endeavours;
  • To obtain inputs and recommendations for government and other stakeholders in setting up strategies and workable plans to promote and support the development and applications of renewable energy, and to enhance practice of energy efficiency in the country involved; and
  • To enhance networking and explore possible cooperation, partnerships and business relationships among participants in renewable energy development, and in applications and practice of achieving effective energy efficiency.

Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Dr Darwin Zahedy Saleh says, “I am proud to learn that the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society collaborating with World Renewable Energy Network is organizing the congress. I see this as part of our national efforts in making the country’s energy sector strong, and particularly in support of developing new and renewable energies and in energy conservation.

“Our government has set an ambitious but basically achievable target to make new and renewable energies contribute 17% of the total national energy mix by 2025. We even plan to increase this target to 25% under a new vision referred to as the 25/25 Energy Vision. This new vision emphasizes two major issues which on one hand is conserving the available energy to mitigate the current use pattern, and on the other hand on diversifying the energy supply through development of new and renewable energies.

“I hope the WREC Indonesia 2011 event in Bali will provide great opportunities for all stakeholders in the energy sector and particularly in the new and renewable energy to meet and discuss various strategic and important issues of this sector’s development. I also hope this event will produce new or improved thoughts and breakthroughs in our overall efforts to make new and renewable energies development an internationally great success.”


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