Prophecy Coal has exported a shipment of 650 tonnes of thermal coal, or the equivalent of 10 wagons, from the Ulaan Ovoo mine in Mongolia. The coal was loaded on to rail at Sukhbaatar rail station and crossed the border into the Republic of Buryatia in Russia via Naushki. 1

The coal was sold to Energy LLC, a company registered in the Buryatia Republic of Russian Federation, which was then consumed in local Buryat power stations and boilers.

Buryat Government Minister and official Buryat representative to Mongolia J Batuyev says, “This is a historic event, as this is the first ever shipment of Mongolian coal to Buryatia, Russia, and we believe that Ulaan Ovoo coal will become a significant source to feed the energy sector of this region.”

The export was a valuable trade for Prophecy as it helps the company determine local sales logistics, wagon loading times, export requirements and customs procedures to ensure smooth operations for future coal export of larger quantities.

To further facilitate trade between Mongolia’s Selenge province and Russia’s Buryatia province, Prophecy is collaborating with a number of government and private entities towards opening of the Zeltura border post, which is 15km from the Ulaan Ovoo mine. The opening of Zeltura would enable Prophecy to sell Ulaan Ovoo coal at mine gate to Russian industrial consumers and translate into significant transportation savings for Prophecy.

Prophecy is preparing and ordering wagons for the next shipment this month, destined for the port of Sovetskaya Gavani, of which the company has secured annual capacity of 300,000-plus tonnes.

Prophecy’s Ulaan Ovoo coal mine began production this year and has produced more than 200,000 tonnes of coal of domestic and export quality. The export quality coal registers (as-received basis) NCV 5200 kcal/kg with 5% ash and 0.5% sulphur.

Prophecy Coal controls more than 1.4 billion tonnes of surface minable thermal coal resources on two coal properties in Mongolia. Prophecy’s Ulaan Ovoo thermal coal mine has been commissioned and its Chandgana mine mouth power plant is being permitted.

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