CQMS Razer designs and manufactures products, equipment and wear part solutions for mining and materials processing operations around the world. The company says its dedication to engineering excellence, asset lifecycle management and reliable, down-to-earth support continues to deliver key improvements in mine and machine safety, productivity and performance.

The company’s story began in 1979 when Central Queensland Mining Supplies (CQMS) was founded by the Meyers family in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. Growing from a small reseller of wear parts into a leading, international business, the company says it has built its success on the quality of its people and a commitment to continual improvement.

From the launch of its first proprietary designs in the early 80s, innovation has continued to drive the development of new products, improving quality standards and safer, more efficient processes. Setting new, international standards for mining machine productivity and performance, among these early designs was the unique modular Razer Grader blade system and Earth Eater dragline bucket. Both innovations set new, international standards for machine productivity and performance.

Advances in product development spearheaded growth of the company's in-house production and supply capacity. As capacity grew, so did its ability to reach new regions and mining markets which, over time, was strengthened by number of strategic acquisitions of organizations including Razer Industries, the Mason & Cox/Hensley Aust/PAC Mining group of companies, Walkers Foundry and CQM&E.

Offering a high level of engineering expertise and manufacturing technology, CQMS Razer has the production capacity and technical capabilities to manage all design, production and testing needs. From the largest and strongest of alloy steel castings through to specialized polyurethane products and pulley lagging components, the in-house casting and production facilities deliver a range of products and services including:

  • Alloy steel castings - From 1kg to 15,000kg castings, the Australian and US foundries have the capacity and capabilities to meet all standard and custom casting needs.
  • Fabrication and machining - CQMS Razer’s capabilities in fabrication and machining extend from simple bushing through to complete construction of precision engineered stone dusters and dragline buckets up to 100 cubic metres. We offer a range of general and specialised fabrication services including abrasive blasting and painting, and MIG, TIG and conventional welding.
  • Polyurethane moulding and heat treatment - The company offers precision polyurethane moulding and encapsulation in a range of standard and complex, custom shapes – from 1kg moulds up to 300kg items.
  • Pulley lagging - Using a vulcanized pressing process, CQMS manufactures a range of high quality lagging products and components. Its facilities use a range of materials to suit various applications, from natural rubber and FRAS rubbers, through to polyurethane.

Science and innovation lie at the heart of the company’s commitment to ongoing research, product development and client problem solving. The dedicated design and engineering team will design and engineer complete solutions.

CQMS Razer research programs focus on the development of high-quality, industry-leading products such as dragline buckets and rigging, excavator bucket lips, ground engaging tools, wear parts and stone dusting systems. Once our products are installed in the field, CQMS Razer’s continual monitoring system closes the feedback loop resulting in appropriate and innovative improvements to future products.


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