Surface sampling conducted by Western Manganese over 10 manganese tenements in West Timor has returned evidence of widespread sedimentary manganese. Of the tenements visited only Nusalontar is owned by the ASX-listed company with other tenements also sampled to gain an understanding of the regional geology.

Of the 56 samples collected, 31 samples were from Nusalontar. The style of mineralization is consistent over all the tenements visited and this indicates that the sedimentary manganese of West Timor is widely distributed.

The sample results have confirmed that the sedimentary manganese beds are high grade. Twenty seven samples taken from working pits returned grades averaging 50.57% manganese.

Some of the other tenements visited appear to hold above average exploration potential and Western Manganese has commenced discussions in a bid to secure some of these tenements.

At least three styles of manganese mineralization are experienced in West Timor. Western Manganese is concentrating its exploration efforts on assessing the potential of the sedimentary style. This style has strike and downdip continuity, which makes it a more attractive exploration target than the massive style of mineralization that occurs as lenses.

Grab or selective chip samples were taken at all tenements visited. In operating pits, in situ manganese veins exposed in the pit, were selectively chip sampled. At abandoned pits two types of samples were taken. If there was any stockpiled material at the abandoned pit, composite grab samples were taken from the stockpiles. If there was not stockpiled material at the abandoned pit, manganiferous material was collected from the waste rock dumps and bagged. Chip samples were also taken from a few manganese outcrops.

Western Manganese holds the rights to two manganese exploration tenements near Atambua in West Timor, an area regarded as an emerging manganese province. It is also assessing the potential of manganese tenements on offer from throughout Indonesia. Site visits have been undertaken to at least four other islands.

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