Leica Geosystems utilized Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) this month to announce three important developments in their technology offerings - the launch of the latest unified Leica Jigsaw product suite, an industry partnership with Locata Corporation, and a partnership with Automated Solutions Inc (ASI).

As a result of the two exclusive partnerships, the Leica Jigsaw product suite now includes an option for the world’s only non-GPS satellite reliant RTK positioning system as well as OEM independent autonomous machine control.

The second generation Leica Jigsaw product suite, which will be available in 2012, operates on a new, unified hardware and software platform which seamlessly integrates all aspects of mining operations, whether the guidance system of a dragline or the assignment of a truck. The Leica Jigsaw product suite is OEM independent and fully scalable, as well as being back-wards combatable with the first generation Jigsaw offering.

The key hardware element to Leica Jigsaw is the Unified Hardware Platform, or UHP. The UHP is a highly functional and robust product that can be swapped between any machine in its operating class.

Key features include:

  • Colour-coding to reflect the relevant functionality level.
  • Integrated inclinometer for improved cycle detection and bucket-level production reporting.
  • Internal WiFi radio and support for external IP-based radio solutions.
  • Completely OEM independent with I/O support for interfacing with all OEM systems.
  • Loading and unloading detection (patent pending).
  • IP67 shock and vibration rating designed for external installation.
  • Industrial temperature range and EMC certified.

The scalability of the Leica Jigsaw UHP ensures lower spares inventory, easier maintenance, faster and simpler training for install and support staff, and one point of call for all support issues.

At the heart of Leica Jigsaw is Jmineops, one central, unified software platform that smoothly links the three product levels in the Leica Jigsaw solution: fleet management (Jfleet), high precision guidance (J2guidance); and remote and autonomous machine control (J3autonomous).

Jfleet is the Leica Jigsaw cutting-edge fleet management and optimization solution, providing reliable, accurate, real-time positioning and production data. Jfleet enables informed, pro-active decision making that will maximize productivity and control operating costs, while guaranteeing a core level of safety.

Leica Jfleet utilizes 3rd generation optimization algorithms to maximize haul truck and shovel throughput, while minimizing equipment idle time and shovel hang time. Jfleet can be easily upgraded to J2guidance capability.

J2guidance is the Leica Jigsaw high precision GPS system for dozers, drills, shovels and draglines. J2guidance provides all the information of Jfleet, with the added advantages of high precision GPS guidance for precise navigation.

Additionally, Leica Geosystems can now offer its clients Leica Jps – an alternative positioning network to GPS. This provides the huge production benefit of eliminating any downtime caused by GPS satellite blockage against high walls and in deep pits. Jps is the world’s only GPS free RTK positioning network.

J3autonomous is the Leica Jigsaw remote control and semi autonomous solution for mine machinery. J3autonomous solutions are being provided through Leica Geosystems’ exclusive strategic alliance with ASI. ASI are world leaders in robotic solutions and offer a range of OEM independent products to help automate mining operations.

The Jigsaw platform from Leica Geosystems sets the industry benchmark for OEM independence, function, flexibility and scalability. Leica Jigsaw now successfully supports the operations of more than 100 mines in 20 countries around the world.

Leica Geosystems Mining CEO Haydn Roberts says, “We are determined to remain the world’s leading measurement technology company, offering only the very best in measurement solutions. Key to our strategic plan is the continued acquisition and development of leading technology, focused R&D and the formation of strong, exclusive partnerships with companies that are absolute leaders in their fields. Companies like Locata Technology and ASI.”

“I am very excited by the new functionality and the leading technology these companies bring to the Leica Jigsaw product suite and the incredible benefits our clients will experience as a result. In this manner Leica Geosystems will continue to break new ground and set the benchmark for the type of technology used by the mining industry globally.”


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