A ONE-DAY prelude event to the Sumatra Miner 2014 Conference and Exhibition was held in Palembang, South Sumatra, on November 19. The prelude attracted around 100 delegates and journalists along with a dozen speakers with positive feedback received by the organizers from all in attendance.

There was strong representation from local and regional government officials and staff, including the investment coordinating board of the province. The prelude served its purpose of increasing awareness about the Sumatra Miner 2014 event on October 20-22, with government representatives particularly indicating their keenness to participate. Organizers are delighted with the response to the prelude and are confident that the positive feedback received during and following the prelude bodes well for the main event.

The Sumatra Miner Prelude and the Sumatra Miner 2014 Conference and Exhibition are organized by Mining Media International (MMI), publishers of The ASIA Miner, Coal Age Indonesia and Engineering & Mining Journal magazines.

Following the prelude a networking event for Coal Club Indonesia was held at the same venue, the Aryaduta Hotel, and this was also well attended.

Participants at both events included CEOs and general managers of mine operations and supplier/service companies, with local and foreign firms represented along with joint venture partners. Along with government and private company representatives, there were also members of industry associations present, including mining services association ASPINDO and mining professionals association PERHAPI.

Along with the excellent feedback from attendees at both events, many participants and particularly the various government representatives expressed their gratitude to the organizers for having the initiative to conduct an event in Palembang, which again bodes well for the main event this October. They see the events as a key to creating investor interest in the province and in promoting the development of mining, and particularly coal, as well as associated infrastructure.

The Sumatra Miner 2014 event will examine the mining industry in Sumatra, focusing primarily on coal but also including other resources such as gold and copper. It will also look at plans to provide more infrastructure to benefit the mining industry on Sumatra. As the second largest producer of coal in Indonesia with a conservative estimate of 22.4 billion tonnes of coal and facing the prospect of further growth and development, Sumatra is well placed to play a much bigger role in Indonesia’s economy.

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