Rethinking training: advantage of knowledge

TLS Cadre tyreContributed by David Hegarty, Cadre general manager

A LARGE mining company throws away tens of millions of dollars a year on training that doesn’t work, applying inefficient and outdated teaching methods to new generation training problems. By better understanding how miners learn, what they need from training to perform and applying the right knowledge management system across your business processes, mining companies can make training more efficient and stop letting as much as 90% of their training budget go to waste. In fact, looking inwards and rethinking training could well be the next unique competitive advantage.

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Tian Poh forges a future in Mongolia

By John Miller, editor, The ASIA Miner

DESPITE the well-documented suffering experienced by Mongolia’s mining industry, newly-listed Tian Poh Resources has great confidence in the country’s future and is investing heavily in its undoubted mineral potential. While many resource companies are in hibernation during this difficult time, Tian Poh sees it as a time of great opportunity to raise funds and secure mineral properties with plenty of upside.

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Water pressures intensify for miners

A recent study claims that about 70% of the mining operations of the five largest hard-rock mining companies are located in countries where water stress is considered a risk. (Photo courtesy of Polypipe)Competition for existing water supplies, combined with rising regulatory and social scrutiny of mine water management plans, brings prospects of higher project costs and longer development timetables

By Russell A Carter, managing editor, E&MJ

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Community relations contribute to Masan success

The Nui Phao Project is in Thai Nguyen province in northern Vietnam.MASAN Resources, a subsidiary of Masan Group, is vying to become Vietnam’s private sector resources champion by acquiring, exploring and developing resource assets. In 2010, the company acquired the Nui Phao Project in Thai Nguyen province in northern Vietnam containing tungsten, fluorspar, bismuth and copper. JORC compliant reserves were at 52.5 million tonnes of ore with average WO3 (tungsten trioxide) grade of 0.21%. Now some 15 months after starting commissioning Nui Phao is the largest producer of tungsten concentrate outside of China and is ramping up to become one of the largest producers of acid-grade fluorspar and bismuth in the world.


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