Pantoro has advise that its recently installed ore sorter and crushing circuit has been commissioned and is operating to expectation. The new circuit has demonstrated reliable operation at approximately 90 tonnes per hour, which easily exceeds mill capacity with and without the ore sorter in operation.


Pantoro optimises gold production thanks to STEINERT ore sorter

The ore sorter has displayed expected performance in work completed to date with current sorting outcomes consistent with the test work completed prior to purchasing the unit.

Pantoro will continue to optimise the circuit and ore sorter operations in conjunction with STEINERT. As more material is processed through the circuit, additional fine tuning may result in further improvements to sorted ore grades. The ore sorter assists the site to achieve increased production by removing waste from the mill feed, which is currently operating at full capacity, and replacing it with additional ore.

Pantoro expects to be in a position to remove temporary mobile crushers which continue to provide capacity during circuit commissioning and optimisation from site by the end of the current quarter, substantially reducing current processing plant operating costs.

The STEINERT KSS combination sensor sorting system is a platform on which various sensors can be deployed, and includes 3D, colour and induction detection. The system can also be fitted with a fourth sensor: near-infrared, x-ray transmission or x-ray fluorescence sensor).

The combination of 3D detection and induction sensors compared to a purely inductive sensor, for example, enables the active sorting of non-metals from metal concentrates. So-called negative sorting suppresses unwanted objects in the material flow.

The combination of x-ray transmission (XRT) and 3D provides the option of an additional assessment of object characteristics and makes the system less sensitive to large differences in the material to be sorted.

In principle it is recommended that the sensor combination is configured to customer and application requirements. This combination often opens up further possibilities to clean up generated products beyond the extent originally required or to add sorting stages previously assessed as not feasible. The STEINERT software developed by our experts also enables the design of new detection algorithms, which can be added at short notice as needed to cope with new challenges. The extended combination of up to four sensor technologies has established a very flexible sorting system for the customer, whichenables the solution of different sorting tasks with just one machine.

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