DESPITE difficult industry conditions, mines are showing increasing interest in the benefits of new models of FX-series lightweight steel dump bodies developed and marketed by Australian company Duratray.

Mantoverde, an Anglo American open-pit copper mine in the Chilean Coastal Cordillera, required a cost-effective solution to add to its fleet of haul trucks and front loaders while guaranteeing availability close to 100%.

Following the mining methods and mine strategy, fleet managers at Mantoverde were looking for dump body solutions to improve the time spent in operation while minimising maintenance.

Duratray then offered a lightweight, high capacity dump body capable of carrying payloads above 149 tonnes with the objective of maximizing movement of waste material hence increasing the mine’s production capacity.

The project represents the expansion of existing relationships with Anglo American group by supplying Duratray FX-series steel dump bodies as an affordable and cost-effective solution for Mantoverde, while ensuring low levels of maintenance as requested.

As a result, a new fleet of 10 FX-series steel dump bodies for existing Caterpillar-785C trucks was acquired and was recently commissioned at the site.

This first fleet of FX-series Duratrays for Mantoverde increased the number of trays in operation across Anglo American’s mine sites in South America and South Africa to more than 100 units.

A similar case occurred at one of the large coal mines in the Bowen Basin coal region of Queensland, Australia, where a long-term customer of Duratray recently acquired a significant fleet of FX steel trays for its operations.

Despite the current situation with commodity prices, this mine was seeking for an affordable alternative to improve mining capacity. The mine released a tender among many suppliers of mining equipment and decided to select the FX-series Duratray coal bodies for the project.

Duratray worked with the mine maintenance and engineers team closely to develop a truly light dump body with the main objective of reducing maintenance costs and increasing payload capacity for hauling coking coal, which is a very low density material. Subsequently the mine acquired a fleet of five Duratray FX steel bodies, the last of which was commissioned during the last week of May 2015.

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