WEIR Minerals Australia has introduced its new Snapex joining technology for the Cavex CVX250 hydrocyclone range. The new Snapex couplings are designed to make spigot change out and maintenance of the Cavex hydrocyclone safer, easier and faster, resulting in increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Weir says compared to traditional bolted flange or clamp connections, Snapex couplings deliver significant benefits including easier inspection and replacement of wear parts, reduced labour, and increased safety. The likelihood of hydrocyclone downtime caused by blockages due to dropped spigot housing or bolts is greatly decreased.

Weir Minerals Australia hydrocyclones product manager Zoran Prica said, “We developed the new Snapex couplings using exclusively licensed Joinlox technology. Joinlox specialises in innovative, award-winning joining systems. By combining our extensive engineering and design expertise, we believe that we have set the new benchmark for hydrocyclone performance.

“The introduction of Snapex couplings represents an important technological step for hydrocyclone performance. The new couplings are easy for one operator to remove, refit and close using only a dead-blow hammer to rotate the coupling shell.

“Customers report to us that spigot refit time had been drastically reduced from 15 minutes using quick release clamps, to just one or two minutes for hydrocyclones fitted with Snapex couplings. With dozens of hydrocyclones operating across some sites, this means labour cost savings can be significant.

“Snapex couplings deliver more than just labour savings. As spigots become worn, hydrocyclone performance deteriorates but as more frequent spigot inspection and spigot liner replacement is now more possible with Snapex couplings, hydrocyclone efficiency and subsequently mill throughput can be maximised, resulting in increased profits,” Zoran Prica said.

Additional features of the Snapex couplings include the ability to be installed without the need for winches or cranes. Its design has been developed using a lightweight injection moulded nylon housing, o-ring seals between parts and a positive locking pin. The specialised locking mechanism prevents the couplings from spring open or leaking, a first for quick release clamps.

Weir Minerals has also launched the next generation in spigot design using high quality lightweight nylon spigots with ceramic liners for the Cavex CVX250 hydrocyclone. The new spigot with the Snapex coupling adaptor ring built in, makes the transition from traditional quick release coupling simple.

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