Position Partners now offers Carlson machine guidance and fleet management solutions in South East Asia.

POSITION Partners recently signed a contract with Carlson machine guidance, enabling it to offer Carlson machine guidance and fleet management solutions for the mining, quarrying, dredging and landfill operations in South East Asia.

“We are delighted to be able to offer this complete range of machine guidance options,” said Positions Partners’ managing director Martin Nix.

“Carlson has an open system architecture which enables the products to work on most makes and models of mine equipment. We look forward to working with Carlson Machine Control to deliver the right combination of solutions to help increase productivity, improve safety and machine utilization.”

“Position Partners has been an exclusive Carlson Machine Control distributor since 2013 for Australia and New Zealand, having made significant inroads in mining and solid waste landfills,” said Carlson Machine Control vice president and director of Machine Control, Randy Noland.

“The expansion into South East Asia headed by executive director for SEA Mike Forrest is a natural market progression. Indonesia has ramped up coal production becoming the world’s fourth largest producer. We look forward to working with Position Partners in the mining, quarry and landfill markets providing a strong value proposition in service, support and pricing,” he said.

Position Partners will offer Carlson’s complete range of machine guidance solutions for mining operations, including Carlson Grade for dozers, graders, scrapers and other surface grading machinery; Shovel Grade for excavators & shovels; Drill Grade for drilling machinery; and TruckPro, which monitors position and load information across the truck fleet.

For on-site management and inspection, Position Partners will offer Carlson Grade Supervisor, which delivers an integrated 3D and GNSS solution for mine and quarry surveyors and supervisors. For monitoring from the office, Position Partners will offer Carlson Fleet Manager Office, which enables real time communication between managers and with multiple machines. The software can also be used to generate a wide range of data from machine performance to progress reporting.

For landfill applications, Carlson offers Landfill Grade which can be used across compactors, dozers, graders and scrapers to increase compaction and reach optimum density faster.

For dredging applications, Carlson provides Excavator Grade, for long reach excavators, barge heading, and cable cranes, etc supporting multiple sensor types such as line riders, flow meters and encoders. Multiple attachments are also supported including finger grabbers with open & close visualization.

With more than 200 people in offices in Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand, Position Partners is the largest Australian-owned company focusing entirely on the distribution and support of positioning and machine control solutions for surveying, civil works, mining and building projects.

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