THE strong safety culture of the international BlueScope Steel organization has been matched in service at its Malaysian NS BlueScope facility by the global safety focus of the Konecranes Group. NS BlueScope Malaysia produces high quality products, derived from continual product research and development in Australia. They strive to provide customers with rugged, durable steel products for every environment, from industrial and severe marine environments to fluctuating tropical climates.

“Safety takes a high priority in everything the company does, so Konecranes were a good fit for us. BlueScope has a strong safety culture and Konecranes aligns with this very well,” says NS BlueScope Malaysia technician Mohammad Abang.

The Konecranes Group operates under the signature ‘Hooked on Safety’ and is a large crane service organization with more than 420,000 cranes under service contracts worldwide. It has enjoyed a strong relationship with BlueScope Steel across Australasia due to both organizations’ strong safety oriented cultures.

“Konecranes is a large, well-known and reliable company, which makes service and maintenance easy. They have a really fast service time and their internal reporting is the best we’ve seen,” says Mohammad Abang. “We are also constantly impressed with the availability of spare parts and the efficiency in which Konecranes can deliver and install them. Some of the cranes have recently undergone a modernization upgrade to include a mechanical drive.

Several Konecranes overhead CXT cranes have proven their worth in service at the Malaysian facility. Since installation in 2002, 18 cranes have been used in the Selangor steel manufacturing facility. The CXT cranes, in single girder, double girder or monorail range from 0.5 to 23 tonnes and are used for loading, unloading and maintenance on production and coating lines. Konecranes also do the service and maintenance of all the cranes at the Malaysian facility.

Konecranes has built on decades of experience with proven technologies to introduce this robust and durable unit, with dual lifting speeds, a standard limit switch and versatile configurations, like hook suspension, push trolley, and motorized trolley versions.

CXT wire rope hoists utilize the latest advanced technology from the Konecranes group to extend hoist operation cycles, safety and durability. The versatile hoist can be adapted to a huge variety of applications and ensures reliably operation, regardless of the conditions.

The compact dimensions allow the CXT to utilize smaller spaces more efficiently and different trolley configurations maximize the lifting height potential. To further optimize the efficiency of the crane, the empty hook can be driven with up to 50% higher speeds compared with the loaded hook, allowing the operator to choose the most efficient way to operate the hoist.

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