STEINERT heads new collaboration

THE collaboration of the Australian subsidiaries of STEINERT - HAZEMAG and allmineral - has seen the combined business know-how, product solutions and services come together under STEINERT Australia’s management. The alignment gives STEINERT Australia the ability to offer customers added value by delivering a wider and more efficient service network throughout Australia.

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New Flexco method to measure lagging

Modern conveyor design is creating demand for extremely large and expensive belts with greater tensions and power capabilities than ever before. These belts are driven by lagged pulleys, and it would be valuable to prove this lagging will perform under the increased tension and drive requirements.

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Maintenance must also be optimised

By Ryan Sharp and Arnold Williams of BMT WBM

Mining companies continue to feel the effects of low commodity prices while the added pressure of China’s slowing economy is expected to lead to further market volatility. This has resulted in many companies putting greater pressure on plant and equipment in an effort to increase production and boost revenue.

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Negative implications of replicator parts

REPLICATING spare parts for slurry pumps is a serious issue in the mining industry, for solution providers and the mine operators who utilise them. As commodity prices decline mining operators are under intense pressure to minimise operational costs. As a result, initial costs are often more important than total ownership costs, making non-OEM spare parts more appealing.

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