The Southern Peru Copper Corporation (SPCC) manages up to 300 projects per year, including mining infrastructure, maintenance, engineering development and local community initiatives.


SPCC finds a powerful solution with their new project management tool – Powerproject

Being Peru’s largest producer of copper, with two open pit mines in full production, often means that projects can be located as much as 100 kilometres apart. To ensure efficiency, SPCC has reorganised its project management to administer hundreds of mining projects in simultaneous operation across a large geography.

It chose Powerproject Enterprise from Elecosoft to consolidate the planning and management of projects, enable collaboration by its team of coordinators, and replace disparate tools in use.

After a very successful pilot, the software is now being used across 300 projects.

Apart from the obvious time and money savings, this has improved reporting, communication and transparency.

Coordination challenges

Carlos Noriega, Plant Engineering manager, recognised the difficulties faced by the Plant Engineering team to manage and co-ordinate its range of activities.

By identifying the need for a more consistent approach to project and progress management and coordination, and to reduce the stress of reporting on such a vast number of projects, Mr Noriega realised that the main challenge was the number of different software solutions that were in use.

Additionally, the company’s various sub-contractors used different project management tools, which made it hard to communicate and share information.

“We considered several alternatives before choosing Powerproject. With Powerproject, the database stays within our own IT system. Plus, the flexible license options allow us to share Powerproject among our workstations and teams without additional cost.”

Mr Noriega believes that SPCC is gaining clear business benefits from the changeover to Powerproject.

“For the first time, we can see and review all our projects, and monitor the progress of them all. We now have better communications between departments, co-ordinators, and contractors. The critical path is now very well outlined with Powerproject, so we see the impact any issues have on expenses and can easily check with contractors about the impact on time,” he said.

It is also easier for the company to control its projects from start to finish.

The reporting workload has been reduced not just for co-ordinators but for those working directly on the projects.

According to Mr Noriega, SPCC can now manage and control its resources, both human and technical, in a better way with Powerproject.

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