Puma Energy Australia is adding state-of-the-art lubricants to its product range to help industry extend the life and condition of critical equipment. It is one of the first to introduce the latest CK-4 diesel engine oils into the Australian market.

Puma productThe company’s general manager Ray Taylor said, “Our new Puma Lubricants incorporate molecular technology, offering a new level of protection from engine wear.

“They protect engines from wear, oil oxidation, filter-plugging, sludge and soot-thickening, while also meeting or exceeding the new generation of diesel engines with Diesel Particulate Filters.

“These properties help reduce engine wear and tear and extend oil change intervals, in turn prolonging the productive life of capital equipment while reducing engine downtime,” he said.

Manufactured in Singapore by a world-class partner with a cutting-edge blending facility, the Puma Lubricants range is formulated with leading Group II base oils that are blended with additives specifically formulated by Puma Energy and its technology partners.

Ray Taylor said Puma Lubricants exceeded automotive and industry specifications, using the latest technology approved by major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

“With diesel engine approvals from leading manufactures, including Mack, Cummins, Volvo and others, our range has proven performance around the world, from South African mines and Central American transport fleets, to Australia’s Directhaul road trains.

“Trials of our Puma HD Ultra 15W-40 on our hardest working Directhaul quad road trains, in some of Australia’s harshest working conditions between Darwin and Alice Springs, delivered promising results.

“These trials have shown a decrease in engine wear iron levels and oil oxidation levels, as well as improved shear stability; keeping the product’s viscosity in grade for the life of the oil change when tested at 100°C."

Ray Taylor said the Puma Lubricants range spanned monograde to multigrade mineral oils and included semi-synthetic to fully-synthetic oils for high-performance applications.

“Our products include heavy duty industrial oils, transmission fluids, industrial gear oils, hydraulic oils, coolants and brake fluids, detergents and degreasers, as well as passenger car motor oils.”

He said the launch of Puma Lubricants meant the company was now able to deliver fully integrated, cost-effective supply chain solutions across the nation with a reliable suite of its own products.

“What also sets us apart is our ownership of infrastructure, depots and transport, which allows us to deliver fast, flexible service to our customers.

“With our wholly-owned subsidiary, Directhaul, we have our own fleet of vehicles and drivers, which means we can deliver fuel and lubricants to remote and demanding environments across Australia,” he said.


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