Hose assemblies are a critical component of any hydraulic circuit, so it’s vital that hoses and fittings that are durable, dependable and proven are used. Suppliers offer hundreds of different types and styles of hydraulic hoses and thousands of different fittings, so choosing the right combination can be confusing and time-consuming.

Gates MegaSys HoseThere is one vital tactic to keep in mind to simplify the process: when selecting an OE hydraulic hose and fitting system or fabricating an aftermarket assembly, the first step must be to match hoses and fittings from the same manufacturer.

Gates and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommends against using fittings from one manufacturer and hoses from a different manufacturer interchangeably.

Although most American-made hydraulic hoses, and many imported hoses, are built to conform to SAE specifications, SAE allows a wide range of materials to be used, and different manufacturers use different materials that can result in a variety of hose styles. Hoses may have similar dimensions and constructions, but different rubber compounds and reinforcement materials.

In addition, the proliferation of thread ends from around the world in recent years has dramatically increased the possibility of mismatching threads and seats on various fittings.

It’s not just the confusion to worry about if building a mismatched hydraulic system. An improperly matched or fitted hose will likely fail, causing costly downtime and possible personal injury.

That’s why, when choosing the hose and fitting interface, choose a brand that you can rely on, which is where Gates comes in. Gates believes in safe, reliable, foolproof components that mitigate the risk associated with hydraulic assemblies. Gates hose, fittings and crimpers are qualified as a system so there’s no guessing about proper fabrication.

Gates takes the worry and confusion out of building hydraulic systems with the matched hoses and fittings in its MegaSys®, MegaCrimp® and GlobalSpiral™ range. The MegaSys® product line includes nine constant-pressure hydraulic hoses that have the smallest bend radius of any SAE-equivalent hose in the industry.

The Gates spiral-wire and wire-braid hoses can be bent up to one-third the SAE specification, thereby saving overall hose assembly length and cost by as much as 64%.

MegaSys® Spiral-Wire Constant Pressure hoses comprise four alternating layers (six in some larger sizes) of spiraled, high-tensile steel, a nitrile tube ideal for use with biodegradable hydraulic fluids and are available with the Gates signature abrasion-resistant MegaTuff® and now New XtraTuff® covers. MegaSys® is tested to industry-leading 1,000,000 impulse cycles with a temperature range of -40°C to +121°C.

MegaSys® hoses are compatible with the strongest Gates fittings, including MegaCrimp® a one-piece high-pressure fitting, designed for one- and two-wire braid hoses, and GlobalSpiral™ a two-piece ultra-high pressure fitting, designed for four- and six-spiral wire hoses up to 8000 psi. As part of an integrated solution, the spiral-wire and wire-braid hose and fitting products offer peak performance and flexibility.

Both MegaCrimp® and GlobalSpiral™ offer leak-proof seal and come standard with Gates corrosion-resistant TuffCoat™ plating. They’re also equipped with Gates Full-Torque Nut™ Technology, to avoid one of the most common causes of hydraulic leaks – cracked fitting nuts or seats due to over-torquing. With Gates Full-Torque™ Nut fittings, a large holding shoulder evenly distributes stress forces at the nut for higher resistance against cracking, even when inadvertently over-torqued, for a stronger and more durable fitting.


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