SDLG has launched three new wheel loaders in South East Asia - the L956F, L958F, and the L968F. Immediately available through SDLG dealers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines, these wheel loaders are suitable for the moving of stockpiled materials in environments such as quarries, batching plants and coal mines.

SDLG new loaderThe trio of wheel loaders is part of the F-series range, which supplants the older L-series and features design updates to the frame, chassis, transmission, cabin, engine hood and counterweight.

“Customers demand machines that deliver ever-greater productivity while retaining the same reliability. With their large breakout force and tipping load, energy-saving features and durability, we are confident this new range of affordable wheel loaders will provide customers with an excellent return on investment,” said SDLG director of sales support Anthony Neo.

The F-series wheel loaders offer greater comfort for the operator, greater ease of maintenance and enhanced durability than previous generation models. They are powered by six-cylinder Weichai engines that meet the emission standards of the various markets.

The 5 tonne rated L956F - with dimensions of 8180mm by 3024mm by 3423mm - is the smallest of the three and is highly suitable for general use. Its bucket, designed for wear-resistance, has a capacity of 3.0 m3.

Both the 5 tonne rated L958F and the 6 tonne rated L968F are designed for heavy-duty applications. The larger wheelbases offer them greater stability when maneuvering in harsher terrain. The L958F has a wheelbase of 3300mm while the L968F’s is 3400mm.

The L968F is the heavyweight of the series and has a range-leading bucket capacity of 3.5 cubic metres. While the biggest in size, the machine also excels in operability - it has a steering angle of 38 degrees and a minimum turning radius of 6062mm.

The operator is key to maximising the machine’s capabilities. Hence, it is equally important for the operator’s comfort to be taken care of, especially in the tropical heat of South East Asia. With a curved glass design, the air-conditioned cabs of the F-series wheel loaders offer operators 15% more space to move in. At the same time, improved dampening of the transmission translates to less cabin vibration, less noise and greater overall comfort for the operator.

Several design elements have been introduced to help make maintenance more efficient, improving uptime for customers. On all the F-series wheel loaders, the engine hood and heat dissipation hood have gull-wing designs that ensure easy access to the engine. In addition, all three wheel loaders feature a centralized electrical system for easy repairs, with a central fuel gauge, engine tachometer and digital-display panel that indicates malfunctions in real-time.

“We expect demand to be high for these loaders because the improvements will increase efficiency, cost-savings, and productivity for users.” said Anthony Neo. “When SDLG was planning for this next generation of loaders, we listened to the market and applied the inputs we received in the design of these machines. After testing these loaders ourselves, we’re confident that they meet customer expectations and will be very popular with customers looking for great value.”

The Chinese construction equipment giant Shandong Lingong Machinery Co Ltd, known as Lingong, manufactures the SDLG range of machinery.

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