With small resources companies spending upwards of a million dollars annually for equipment maintenance, Workplace Health and Safety procedures, and day-to-day operations, reliable cost saving measures are in high demand to ensure profitability in a volatile industry.

Pivotel Peter BolgerAustralian mobile satellite solutions company Pivotel Group has launched ecoSphereTM by Pivotel, an Australian-first system designed to solve the communication and connectivity needs of the mining, oil and CSG industries and their employees working remotely, with an aim to deliver the same technology to the agricultural industry this year.

Pivotel Group CEO Peter Bolger said the custom designed mobile network used 4G and satellite connectivity to create an entirely new offering for the Australian resources industry, focusing on safety and improved efficiencies.

“The cost of operating and maintaining remote mine site equipment and ensuring staff safety is so high it can determine the commercial viability of the mine-site,” Peter Bolger said.

“We are very proud to launch ecoSphere by Pivotel, an Australian-first system designed to solve the communication and connectivity needs of mining operations and staff working and communicating in remote areas.”

ecoSphere by Pivotel offers secure point-to-point voice, video, tracking and monitoring connections to fixed and mobile assets across the mine site operational area. The radio network is designed to ensure agreed data rates and reliability metrics are delivered to all points on the site and the on-site local core network ensures the mine site can continue to operate even when the off-site data link is down.

Advanced field management software systems use ecoSphere to communicate with data modems and sensors on the trucks and diggers to maximise the productive use of the assets and maintain full mine site visibility ensuring safety is paramount.

Peter Bolger said this new communication system from Pivotel could be installed and operated at a fraction of the cost typically charged by the large mobile carriers and would help deliver significant operational savings for the industry, particularly for second and third tier mining companies where the cost of implementing such solutions in the past had been prohibitive.

“Although cost saving and business efficiency were key drivers behind the system design, improved safety has always been a major focus for mining companies,” he said.

“With machinery and fixed plants principally involved in an average of 26 worker fatalities every year, the tracking and monitoring applications that are enabled with ecoSphere and used to monitor equipment failure or safety hazards in real time could be life-saving.”

Peter Bolger believes Pivotel has developed a highly affordable system and service that stands apart from other mobile carriers thanks to the group’s expertise, unique network design and customer service.

“Our dedicated customer service team, product development and dealer network groups work hand-in-hand to offer tailor made and cost effective solutions to meet any problem faced by consumers and business entities, no matter how complex,” he said.


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