INDONESIA Power UBP Priok Jakarta is benefitting from the advanced technology and efficient service of Konecranes as they work together to ensure reliable power supply to Jakarta, South East Asia’s largest city. Jakarta is at the centre of the nation’s soaring electricity consumption with demand increasing by 9.4% a year.

To help optimize maintenance and reliability of supply Konecranes has more than 30 units installed at Indonesia Power UBP Priok Jakarta’s facility, ranging from 0.5 to 105 tonnes in a combination of XL, XM, XN and CXT overhead, semi-gantry and gantry cranes.

Larger cranes, such as the 105/20 tonne CXT, are used for gas and steam turbine maintenance as well as the maintenance and replacement of large parts, including rotors, compressors and generators. Smaller cranes are used for lifting spare parts, supporting the weight of parts during maintenance and servicing, and waste management.

“The response time from the Konecranes maintenance team is very good. Not only are they efficient but they are flexible with servicing and scheduling, and always willing to plan it around our schedule,” says Indonesia Power UBP Priok Jakarta, Electrical Maintenance Department spokesman Wasis Jati Waskitho.

Indonesia Power has several plants across Indonesia, with this one supplying power to all Jakarta and some to surrounding cities. Other Indonesia Power plants also use Konecranes for overhead lifting and maintenance.

“We installed Konecranes when this plant first started in 1993 and still use them as they allow us to operate with the best efficiency and minimal downtime,” says Mr Wasis. “Our plant is essential to electricity in Jakarta, so we can’t afford to have any downtime. If we ever need service or maintenance, Konecranes are quick to respond. Another reason we trust Konecranes is the high level of safety built into each crane.”

XL cranes combine lightweight construction with heavyweight strength, power and durability. Their flexible handling characteristics together with a wide range of standard and optional features make them suitable for a variety of applications.

XL cranes are the predecessor to CXT wire rope hoists, which have excellent hook approaches at both ends of the crane and minimal headroom requirement. They are designed to eliminate unused or under-utilized square metres because the crane can operate closer to walls and lift the load higher.

CXT units come with inverter controls as standard. They deliver smooth starts, acceleration and deceleration, which minimizes load swing and enables fast and accurate positioning. XM and XN cranes are designed for lighter lifting and have been designed for reliable performance and exceptional safety.

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