Moly-Cop Indonesia’s 15t Konecranes SMARTON ‘crane with a brain’ with magnetic lifter, used for lifting forged steel ball fine grinding media for mineral ores and other particulate materials.

MOLY-COP Indonesia is the first company in Indonesia and one of the first in South East Asia to install the latest Konecranes SMARTON ‘crane with a brain’ with TRUCONNECT remote monitoring and reporting. In addition, the SMARTON crane at Moly-Cop Indonesia’s Cilegon plant has some of Konecranes most advanced technology, including smart features like sway control and target positioning to make lifting safer and more efficient.

Moly-Cop Indonesia, which is part of the Arrium Mining Consumables Division, produces forged steel balls to the highest quality levels for applications such as ball mills in copper and gold concentrating plants. The Cilegon mill has a nominal annual capacity of 80,000 tonnes of grinding media, which is used extensively throughout Asia, particularly in mining operations that extract copper, iron ore and gold.

The 15-tonne SMARTON crane, with the addition of a magnetic lifter, is used for loading and unloading material. It is complemented by a 10/2.5 tonne double girder CXT crane which is used for lifting equipment and maintenance.

“When deciding on a new crane, the customer had to consider safety, price and maintenance. Konecranes was able to give them the highest level of safety and best maintenance at a very competitive price,” says Konecranes.

“The customer decided to add the smart features, because they save time and money. The customer relies on their 15-tonne crane for all their loading and unloading, so if they have lots of deliveries to make, they need to be as efficient as possible. Also, TRUCONNECT allows them to optimize their maintenance schedule so they’re never left with a crane out of action when it’s needed most.”

Moly-Cop Indonesia and Konecranes have been working together for just over one year at their new facility in Cilegon, where the highest priority is placed on safety. “Meeting the highest safety standards is a requirement for Moly-Copy. The crane has excellent safety features and the maintenance crew is very fast to respond with certified technicians that comply with all safety standards and procedures,” says Konecranes.

The SMARTON ‘crane with a brain’ maximizes safety while minimizing downtime. SMARTON is a robust crane that is compact in size. This enables new industrial spaces to be smaller than before, reducing construction costs and heating expenses.

CXT cranes, with individual hoist capacities up to 80 tonnes – and complementary CXT wire rope hoists – are designed to be industry benchmarks of safety and ergonomics, with easy and effective load handling and optimum dimensions for space saving solutions.

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