ENERPAC says its latest ATM-Series of flange alignment tools enhance safety while reducing set-up times and installation costs across a host of pipeline, pressure vessel and onshore and offshore applications where rotational misalignments or twists are a common problem.

It says the ATM-2, 4 and 9 Series mechanical and hydraulic tools line up the flanges correctly within minutes, rectifying misalignments safely and without the need for an external power source.

Enerpac’s ATM-Series of flange alignment tools help to safely and swiftly solve pipeline problems.
Enerpac’s ATM-Series of flange alignment tools help to safely and swiftly solve pipeline problems.

The new tools are suitable for use on most ANSI, API, BS and DIN flanges and can be used in any position, horizontally or vertically. No slings, hooks, chains or lifting gear are required for their use, enhancing safety, efficiency and ergonomics across a host of industries for which they are suitable, including oil and gas, mining and energy, construction and infrastructure, manufacturing and process engineering and water and waste water

ATM-2 10kN and ATM-4 40kN mechanical flange alignment tools are lightweight, self-contained solutions which can be easily transported and used in remote locations that have limited access. The ATM-2 model has a maximum lifting force of 10kN, handles bolts as small as 16mm, and weighs 1.6kg. The ATM-4 can apply 40kN of force, is designed for bolts as small as 24mm, and weighs 8.6kg.

The ATM-9 90kN hydraulic flange alignment tool features the same functionality as the smaller tools but provides much greater aligning power. The hydraulic-powered ATM-9 has a lifting power of 90kN, is for bolts down to 31.5mm in size, and weighs 14.5kg. It comes in a kit with an Enerpac P-142 two speed hand pump and a hydraulic hose.

“Misalignment of flange joints often occurs when pipes are separated for testing, routine maintenance or during shutdowns. The misalignment may also occur during the construction phase, when new pipe is being installed,” an Enerpac spokesperson says.

“Earlier methods of flange manipulation could be hazardous and time-consuming because they required a lot of manual lifting. They could also damage the flange bolt holes. These new alignment tools are safe, easy to use, and will not cause damage to the flanges. They can be employed on many popular flange sizes,” he says.

Enerpac flange alignment tools give easy access in tight spaces and are designed to be used by a single operator. Operators and bystanders are kept safe, reducing potential injuries associated with the use of alternative solutions.

Enerpac offers complete families of advanced bolting technologies to handle the toughest jobs dished out by industries such as construction, infrastructure, mining and energy, oil and gas; and onshore and offshore tasks, including powerful, precise and reliable non-impact fastening of API flanges manufactured for high strength operating systems with products such as oil and explosive gases. Its range includes:

  • Versatile torque wrenches
  • W and S rigid steel types with outstanding power to weight
  • Full range of top quality sockets
  • Bolt Tensioners
  • Time-saving hydraulic nut families
  • Powerful and highly portable torque multipliers
  • Portable nut splitters
  • Efficient flange splitting and flange alignment tools
  • Tough, reliable energy-efficient electric pumps, including new-generation Z-class electric pump and new-generation Z-class air pump

Enerpac is a leader in high-pressure hydraulics, with 28 offices in 22 different countries and more than 1000 employees. Enerpac produces thousands of high-pressure hydraulic products that are distributed worldwide. It focuses on the design of products, from the smallest cylinder to complete computer-operated lifting and positioning systems, which increase productivity and make work safer and easier to perform.