China to strengthen outside links

The mining world is set to reap the benefits of China's continuing growth and its willingness to increase links with the outside world.

With China's mining industry on show to the world at this week's China Mining exhibition and conference in Tianjin, it is a good time to look at how the economy is advancing and recent statements relating to its efforts to work with the rest of Asia and nations further afield.

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John Miller, Editor

John Miller, Editor, The ASIA Miner
Editor, ASIA Miner and Australian Editor, E&MJ
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Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, John Miller has been working as a mining journalist for The ASIA Miner for the past seven years, focusing on mining developments throughout Asia and Australia. He was promoted to editor, The ASIA Miner, during July 2010, is editor of Coal Age Indonesia and has responsibility for E&MJ Australian coverage. John has more than 30 years experience as a journalist. He is also an author with more than five historical books published and a biography published. He has also served his community as a city Councillor and was mayor of Orange from 2002 to 2004.