Indonesia an important market for Australia

Indonesia remains a highly important market for Australia, according to Australian Trade Commission executive director – South Asia, ASEAN and the Pacific, David Twine.

Speaking after a very successful Ozmine 2011 in Jakarta, David Twine says that in a recent Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) research project, Indonesia was rated, by a significant margin, the most important export market for Australia’s mining, equipment and technology (METS) services companies.

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Copper demand outstrips supply

The short-term forecast for companies producing copper, as well as those about to start producing, looks extremely bullish with demand growing faster than supply. The copper market is facing a widening deficit in 2011 and 2012 until new supply comes on stream in late 2013.

Standard Bank's head of commodity research Walter De Wet recently reiterated this message, saying, “After last year’s deficit, we project the deficit to grow to 385,000 tonnes for 2011 and 562,000 for 2012, so clearly demand is growing faster than supply and will remain strong until 2013.

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The next big mining investment story

INDONESIA looks certain to replace Africa as the next mining investment story. It could be this year or maybe next but it will happen. Although investment has a patchy record, due to red tape, corruption and the Bre-X scandal, it seems the world’s third most populous nation has turned the corner. It is rich in resources, has a new mining law and there is huge demand from China, India, and traditional powerhouses South Korea and Japan.

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China a major mining force

China’s drive towards mass urbanization is gaining momentum, resulting in increased consumption and a huge appetite for natural resources. As well as boosting its domestic quest for resources and enhancing mining methods leading to increased output, this appetite means China is increasingly looking to obtain resources from overseas.

Standard Bank’s chief executive, Asia – Andrew King says that for overseas mining companies China has become the primary source of funding and at present is possibly the only source that has the wherewithal to do so for large-scale projects with significant infrastructure requirements, with government support an added bonus.

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John Miller, Editor

John Miller, Editor, The ASIA Miner
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