Mongolia FDI decision eases uncertainty

The upcoming Mongolian parliamentary elections are no different to other elections in all democratic nations in that they have created a great deal of uncertainty in the preceding few months and have seen all parties contesting the election make statements aimed at gaining votes. There are similar policy statements being made in Indonesia at present before presidential elections and these are having similar impacts.

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Strong Indian demand for Indonesian coal

INDIA is set to overtake China as the world’s biggest importer of thermal coal this year as Indian power producers seek more fuel to meet ambitious government requests to boost electricity capacity across the sub-continent, where economic growth is matching that of its northern neighbour, China. India’s government would like to see $36 billion worth of new power plants established to meet demand but lack of domestic coal means a number of plants have been put on the back-burner.

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Indonesia hotspot for investment

NOT only is the Indonesia economy South East Asia’s largest, it is also one of Asia’s most resilient and one of the hottest emerging economies in the world. Much is written about the continuing growth of China and India but Indonesia’s strengthening domestic situation, its abundance of natural resources, supportive government and strong private sector are attracting global interest.

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Precious metals the only store of wealth

SOCIETY needs to realize that the world’s financial problems cannot be solved by governments printing more paper money and creating more debt, as has been the case since the link between gold and money was removed more than 40 years ago. Gold is the purest form of currency, followed by increasingly attractive silver, and the gold standard needs to be reintroduced.

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