Coal royalty proposal is ill-timed

The Indonesian Government’s proposal to increase coal mining royalties to 13.5% of net sales in 2014 from the current rate of 5-7% is aimed at equating the payments of every coal miner in the archipelago, the timing is questionable as is the likely impact on small mining companies. Globally the industry is struggling from a number of factors, including low prices, rising supply and lack of capital, and Indonesia’s producers are being hit hard.

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Philippines needs a sustainable balance

THERE are mixed messages coming from the Philippines, all of which impact the mining industry and mining investment – positively or negatively. In these difficult global times for mining, it is important that the Aquino Government achieves a sustainable balance so that mining proceeds, investment increases, Filipino people benefit and the environment is not compromised. Easier said than done, but the government has to date shown a commitment to work towards this balance, which stands it in good stead in the quest to effectively manage all competing interests.

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Networking vital in difficult times

IN these difficult times for the mining industry the support factors of networking and education are more important than ever. Establishing, maintaining and growing networks can provide many benefits to mining companies and the METS sector – chatting with like-minded peers, discussing successes and failures, sharing expertise, and learning about different situations. Education is always important in developing business but during troubled times it is even more important as this is when things must be done better or differently if companies are to survive.

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Vital time for Indonesia’s mining industry

THERE are some encouraging signs for mining after an uncertain 2012 with commodity prices recovering, Chinese growth picking up and economies in the US and Europe less troubled than previously. If South East Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia, is to gain full benefits of a mining recovery, the remainder of 2013 is a vital time as the country prepares for several imminent mining legislative changes.

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John Miller, Editor

John Miller, Editor, The ASIA Miner
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Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, John Miller has been working as a mining journalist for The ASIA Miner for the past seven years, focusing on mining developments throughout Asia and Australia. He was promoted to editor, The ASIA Miner, during July 2010, is editor of Coal Age Indonesia and has responsibility for E&MJ Australian coverage. John has more than 30 years experience as a journalist. He is also an author with more than five historical books published and a biography published. He has also served his community as a city Councillor and was mayor of Orange from 2002 to 2004.

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