• Oil price to bounce later this year

    By FN Arena

    With many investors in commodities rushing to the exits, prices have corrected and so taken some of the speculative froth out of markets such as gold and copper. The impact on oil prices has been less pronounced, as in the view of Barclays Capital the fundamentals support not only the current price but a test of higher prices in coming months.

  • Lack Of government action to hold back Indonesian economy

    By FN Arena

    ABN Amro has returned from a fact-finding mission in Indonesia with the conclusion any upside surprise in terms of economic performance is unlikely in the short-term.

  • Biggest sentiment crash since 1987

    By Rudi Filapek-Vandyck of FN Arena

    The past couple of weeks was the second worst in history for global market sentiment as measured by Credit Suisse, only beaten by the crash in October 1987.

  • Chinese economic growth figures not sustainable over the longer term

    By FN Arena

    Following another quarter of strong growth figures, the Bank of Finland has completed an assessment of the Chinese economy, identifying some emerging and ongoing trends and outlining what it sees as the most likely policy objectives of the Chinese government over the course of the year.

  • Exploration and Cibaliung construction are Austindo Indonesia focus

    Austindo is embarking on an increased exploration program in Indonesia following its recent capital raising of Aus$12 million.

  • Philippines - Acoje chromite buoys Rusina cash flow

    Rusina Mining"s unmined chromite target ore at its Acoje project in the Philippines has been estimated to have a value of Aus$62.4 million.

  • Iron ore - Gindalbie and Ansteel join to develop Karara iron ore project

    Gindalbie Metals has entered a landmark two stage joint venture and project funding agreement with Anshan Iron & Steel Group Corporation (AnSteel) for the development of its Karara iron ore project in Western Australia"s Mid West region.

  • Caution advised for Asian currencies

    By FN Arena

    When mixed economic data in the US last week suggested inflation was becoming a greater concern, the reaction in share and commodity markets was quite severe. Equally significant were the moves in currency markets, as the potential for higher interest rates in the US have brought to an end, at least temporarily, the bull market in Asian currencies.

  • China's Central Bank sets its own pace of reform

    By FN Arena

    The US in particular continues to argue China is not doing enough fast enough in terms of Investment oppertunitymaking the necessary adjustments to free up its currency and so help correct some of the massive global imbalances its huge trade surplus (or the huge US trade deficit, depending on which side you stand) is creating.

  • Lemonga continues to strengthen for Southern Arc Minerals

    Southern Arc Minerals has received encouraging assay results from a further four diamond drill holes of its phase two drilling program at the Lemonga Prospect located on Sumbawa Island, Indonesia.

  • The ASIA Miner continues to plot skywards

    It"s been an active week on stock markets with many mining and resource companies getting hit by last week"s correction … And for The ASIA Miner weekly electronic news service it"s been just as active a week, but our graph plotting is heading upwards and not downwards. Thank you to all our readers who responded and replied so enthusiastically to the launch of this weekly web-based news service. We intend to continue to grow this news service and The ASIA Miner magazine.

  • Iron ore - Iron ore developments fast tracked in the Pilbara, Western Australia

    Rio Tinto"s iron ore operations during the last year have been characterised by fast track development of simultaneous projects across mines, rail and ports. In its annual review of operations, Rio Tinto reported that capacity increases were achieved in a very tight market, with resources fully stretched and significant cost escalation pressures.

  • Laos-Australia Oxiana copper production to quadruple

    Oxiana continues its stellar performance across all its areas of operation with projections that the company could quadruple its copper production in the next three to four years. Chairman Barry Cusack and managing director Owen Hegarty have given the company a glowing report at its recent annual general meeting inMelbourne,Australia.

  • Commonwealth Bank suggests gold is correcting, not collapsing

    By FN Arena

    The shakeout in the gold market and that of other precious metals continues, with each dollar decline in the price creating more uncertainty as to whether the move is a correction of recent strong gains or the start of a more serious collapse in prices.

  • Emerging yesterday, dominating tomorrow?

    By FN Arena

    As the strong growth in the Chinese and Indian economies continues, the question of when or if they will become bigger than the US economy at some point in the future becomes more relevant. Such an outcome has prompted PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to conduct a study into the possible sizes of both the emerging and G7 economies in 2050 and the implications of its estimates.

  • Movers and shakers - New industry appointments

    Emperor Mines new CEO

    Emperor Mines Limited has appointed Brad Gordon as executive director and chief executive officer.

  • Asian currency outlook bullish as global rebalancing to continue

    By FN Arena

     It is no secret the US dollar has come under pressure in recent weeks, leading Danske Bank to offer several underlying themes to help explain the current weakness.

  • Welcome to The ASIA Miner weekly electronic news service

    Welcome to the first edition of The ASIA Miner weekly electronic news service. I can tell you that as the editor of both The ASIA Miner magazine and now launching a weekly electronic news service, I feel that my fingers are going to fuse to the keyboard.

    So any industrial chemists and chemical engineers among our readership who have invented a solvent to stop this occurring in the future are most welcome to contact me.

  • The BOJ is driving global liquidity, not the Fed

    by FN Arena

    The carry trade has been a feature of economic commentary related to the Japanese market in recent weeks, thanks in large part to heightened speculation of impending interest rate increases that, in theory, should see some unwinding of such positions.

  • Global steel output tipped to rise in 2006

    By FN Arena

    Steel industry consultant MEPS has released its latest estimates for global crude steel production for 2006, forecasting a rise of 4.1% to 1,176m tonnes. According to MEPS, the size of the increase is a reflection of the efforts of producers to limit output to sustain prices rather than face a price crash similar to the one experienced in 2005.

  • Oxiana undertakes aggressive exploration program

    Oxiana has an aggressive exploration program planned this year at its Sepon operations in Laos with more than $10m to be spent on exploring ground around the operating mine. The aim is to identify both extensions to the existing deposits and locating entirely new deposits.

  • Rio Tinto amalgamates industrial minerals businesses

    In February Rio Tinto amalgamated three of its industrial mineral businesses, Borax (borates), Luzenac (talc) and Dampier Salt, to form Rio Tinto Minerals.

    Industrial Minerals chief executive Andrew Mackenzie says: "The time is right for a cohesive commercial strategy in developing economies like China , Eastern Europe , the Middle East and India where demand for higher quality raw materials is rising steadily."

  • Opportunity to visit China's nuclear facilities

    The China Power & Alternative Energy Summit 2006 will held at the Kempinski Hotel Beijing from June 8-9. The summit will be followed by a China nuclear facilities tour from June 10-12.

    This summit offers Australian companies, specifically those in uranium-related businesses, a chance to learn the latest developments in alternative energy in China . Delegates will fully understand China "s power needs, present and future, and the opportunities these needs present to Australia .

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